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If you're concerned about how your hydraulics are operating, the team at the Hydraulics Express pump shop has the experience and expertise to diagnose and address the issue. We service over 55 different brands of components from manufacturers including Caterpillar, Rexroth, Sauer-Danfoss, Eaton, Sunstrand, Denison, Tyrone, Linde, Vickers and Volvo.

Some of the symptoms that might indicate your system needs a checkup include:

  • Abnormally high temperatures: If your system is running hotter than normal, you should have it checked as soon as possible to prevent damage to the motor or pump.
  • Unusual noises: You know what your equipment sounds like when it’s running smoothly — if you start hearing whining, hissing, banging, clunking or other noises, it’s important to track down the source and resolve the problem.
  • Poor performance: If your system seems underpowered or is showing low pressure, the cause could be a leak or other problem.

If you notice these or other warning signs, we can perform a thorough inspection to identify wear or damage and recommend the best approach to getting your equipment running like new again. Common causes of failing or damaged hydraulics include:

  • Fluid contamination: When foreign particles, water or other contaminants enter hydraulic fluid, they damage internal components as they circulate through the system.
  • Cavitation: When pockets of vapor form within hydraulic fluid, and then collapse under high pressure, the resulting forces can cause severe damage to the system.
  • Aeration: Air can enter a hydraulic system and cause the fluid to foam, leading to inefficiency, wear and other damage.

These problems are frequently symptoms of underlying issues that allowed water, dirt or air to enter the system in the first place.

Trust Hydraulics Express for Your Hydraulic Pump Repair in Charlotte NC

Our trained technicians will find the ideal solution for your hydraulic motor or hydraulic pump repair.  You can count on our knowledge, our careful approach and our attention to detail.

We begin by making sure that our pump shop and everything in it meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Our team always plugs and thoroughly washes all incoming hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors before they enter the shop area. We also use Caterpillar contamination-control guidelines during the inspection and repair process and perform our work in a climate-controlled facility. That way, we can ensure that any damaging moisture or particles already in a system are removed and that no new contaminants are introduced as we work.

Once pumps and motors have gone through our washing procedures, they are then inspected externally and disassembled for internal inspection at one of our self-draining work areas. All of the pumps and motors we work on are disassembled methodically to make sure that the parts remain free of scratches or other damage during the disassembly or inspection process.

Each part and component is then examined for damage and wear and the technician will prepare a quote for repair based on this assessment. We can identify and either repair or replace:

  • Seals that have hardened, cracked or scarred
  • Damaged lines
  • Gears that have worn down or have damage such as broken teeth
  • Shafts or pistons with scored or pitted surfaces
  • Damaged cylinders
  • Burned-out solenoid coils
  • Worn spool valves

Once the customer has approved the quote, we perform our work efficiently so your equipment gets back to you and back in service as quickly as possible. As part of the process, the housing pieces are lapped to remove scratches. Then the pieces will be cleaned thoroughly before reassembly. Once the unit has been reassembled, it is tested and hand-cleaned before it receives a fresh coat of paint.

Hydraulic Pump Repair & Engine Service in North Carolina

Our mission at Hydraulics Express is to understand and improve your hydraulic systems. Contact us today if you need hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor service in the Charlotte or Asheville areas. We pride ourselves on finding the most cost-effective process for delivering the outstanding results you expect for your business.





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