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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Locations in North Carolina

Your hydraulic system needs to be tightly sealed and free of contamination to do its best work and help you maintain maximum uptime. Our trained technicians at Hydraulic Express have experience with many types of hydraulic cylinders on various equipment models. We'll diagnose whether your hydraulic cylinder is leaking or damaged and recommend a custom repair or component replacement solution.

Common Causes of Hydraulic System Failures

Hydraulic fluid contamination causes more than half of all hydraulic system failures, and it doesn't take much to be an issue — a teaspoon of dirt could contaminate an entire system. Contamination can cause a host of problems, including:

  • Internal leaking: Contaminated parts — like a cylinder rod — can cause contamination to spread. When the rod retracts, it brings the contamination into the piston seals. 
  • Component damage: When contamination spreads throughout the hydraulic cylinder, it can cause damage to other areas of your system in turn.
  • System failures: Damaged components allowed to continue operating will eventually lead to a complete hydraulic system failure, resulting in costly downtime.  

Once debris leaks into a hydraulic cylinder, your equipment's efficiency will wane over time. Additionally, a decrease in productivity can cause a spike in fuel consumption, making your machine more expensive to run but less effective overall. 

Leaking and Damaged Hydraulic Cylinders 

There are typically two reasons a hydraulic system may not be performing at its peak — internal leaking or damaged components due to corrosion or erosion. Contaminated fluid buildup often contributes heavily to damaging a hydraulic system's components. 

Find Hydraulic Parts and Repair Near You

Contamination control is crucial to hydraulic health. We employ the Caterpillar comprehensive contamination control program, including the fluids, tools and certified clean repair facilities, to conduct effective hydraulic repairs. When you bring us your cylinders, we will thoroughly disassemble, wash and examine your parts to determine how to provide the most effective repair for your situation:

  • Reseal: We can reseal and restore undamaged components for the most cost-effective preventive maintenance. 
  • Repair: Our knowledgeable technicians have the tools and expertise to repair damaged components to restore your hydraulic cylinder.
  • Rebuild: If your machinery is older, we can conduct a rebuild to retain working components, update ineffective parts and include engineering updates.
  • Reman: If the job demands a quicker turnaround than extensive repairs or a complete rebuild, we can replace defective parts or assemblies with genuine reman components. We have parts available for most equipment and can deliver fast turnaround times. 

Once we've determined the extent of the issue, we will recommend a plan of action and prepare a quote for you to review. With your approval, we'll get to work on your custom repair solution. Our process starts with reassembling your hydraulic cylinder, after which we will perform comprehensive testing and hand-clean it before giving it a fresh coat of paint. 

Contact Hydraulics Express Today to Learn More 

Our expert technicians use OEM replacement parts in all repairs — and we exceed OEM expectations with all of our replacement and repair services. We'll keep your fleet in working order so you can maintain productivity and maximize output.

Call us at our Charlotte or Ashville locations today or contact us online about scheduling a fast, dependable hydraulic repair near you.





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