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Hydraulic Machine Shop

Hydraulic systems power your machines and keep your business moving forward. That means you expect and deserve the best when you need parts and components refurbished or fabricated — and Hydraulics Express has you covered.

Our full-service custom hydraulics machine shop employs skilled technicians and machinists working with best-in-class equipment to deliver products that satisfy and surpass OEM standards. We can provide you with new parts or help you get more life out of your components without sacrificing performance.

We have the skill and the inventory to quickly complete machining and fabrication services for you. Our hydraulic machinists can perform a wide range of functions including the fabrication of new rods, barrels, pistons and head glands. We maintain a large supply of steel and chrome rod stock and we purchase on-spec pieces as needed.

We also ensure that our experts always have the equipment they need to get the job done right. We have five lathes with a sixth dedicated to polishing, two vertical mills, one radial drill press, two drill presses, one band saw, Varese's grinders, surface grinders and welding equipment. Our lathes can accommodate a rod or barrel up to 24’ in length if the diameter is less than 6”. If the diameter is over 6”, we can handle a rod or barrel just over 13’ in length.

Our capabilities include the addition of the Haas ST-35, a sophisticated computer numerical control (CNC) lathe that enhances the productivity and accuracy of our cylinder work. The ST-35 is a big-bore lathe that machines parts according to specifications programmed into a computer. This model gives our hydraulics machine shop an even greater capacity to perform challenging and complex work precisely and efficiently — meaning you get excellent and cost-effective results, and get them fast. With can also fabricate large orders of parts ordered to the same specifications.

We also take fluid contamination as seriously as you do, which is why we follow the comprehensive program from Caterpillar for contamination control. We take steps to ensure that the tools and fluids in our shop are free of particulates, and the climate-controlled environment helps prevent moisture buildup. These precautions, along with the shop’s additional contamination-control systems, mean you can be confident that your hydraulic fluid will be kept free of moisture and debris so you can keep your equipment running smoothly for the long haul.

With our investment in contamination-free facilities, advanced equipment and expert machinists, you can always expect high-quality products and services through Hydraulics Express. We have the experience and expertise to perform the work you need and fabricate or refurbish a variety of parts, including:

Dead Axles.

Dead Axles

Equalizer Bars.

Equalizer Bars

H Links.

H Links

ID Bore Welding.

ID Bore Welding

Lifting Arms.

Lifting Arms

Pivot Shafts.

Pivot Shafts

Tilt Levers.

Tilt Levers

Pin & Boss Fabrication.

Pin & Boss Fabrication

Machine Shop Tooling List:

One of the keys to our success is our dedication to maintaining a shop equipped with the machine tooling we need to perform superior work. That means we can perform all of our fabrication services under one roof, without outsourcing, so we have control over every task and can offer quicker turnaround times.

Lathes: Our six lathes give us the capacity and versatility to handle a wide range of rod or barrel sizes. We run equipment from industry leaders like Sigma Machine and Haas Automation to represent our commitment to providing the best results in the business. Our shop features:

  • Haas ST-35 CNC lathe
  • Acra lathe- 26” swing, 160” bed and a 6” spindle hole
  • Acra lathe- 18” swing, 120” bed
  • Sigma lathe- 31” swing, 120” bed
  • Tarnow lathe- 18” swing, 108” bed
  • Elliot Concord polishing lathe- 16” swing, 120” bed
  • Lincoln Electric DC 400 TIG & MIG welder
  • Rototec metalizing repair
  • Carlton radial arm drill press
  • Johnson Band Saw
  • (2) Bridgeport Vertical Mills

Welding equipment: Whether your business requires strong and precise fabrication of new parts or durable repairs of your existing equipment, we have the welding solutions for you. We use the following for our welding operations:

  • Lincoln Electric DC 400 TIG & MIG welder
  • Rototec metalizing repair

Other tools: The Hydraulics Express team is also equipped with:

  • Carlton radial arm drill press — A go-to option for machining big workpieces or large-diameter holes.
  • Johnson Band Saw — Perfect for cutting through metal with precision and power.
  • (2) Bridgeport Vertical Mills — The first and best choice for manual milling.

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At Hydraulics Express, we pride ourselves on providing great results and exceptional customer service. We're ready to get to work for you in the hydraulic machine shops at our Charlotte and Ashville locations, so call us at (800) 278-9078 or contact us online to let us know what we can do for you.





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