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Hydraulic Machine Shop

Our hydraulic machinists can perform a wide range of functions including the fabrication of new rods, barrels, pistons, and head glands. We maintain a large inventory of steel and chrome rod stock and we purchase on-spec pieces as needed. We have five lathes with a sixth dedicated to polishing, two vertical mills, one radial drill press, two drill presses, one band saw, Vareses grinders, surface grinders, and welding equipment. Our lathes can accommodate a rod or barrel up to 24’ in length if the diameter is less than 6”. If the diameter is over 6”, we can handle a rod or barrel just over 13’ in length. Our capabilities include the addition of a sophisticated CNC lathe that enhances productivity and accuracy of our cylinder work. Through investments in contamination-free facilities, advanced equipment and expert machinists, you can expect high quality products and services through Hydraulics Express.

Dead Axles.

Dead Axles

Equalizer Bars.

Equalizer Bars

H Links.

H Links

ID Bore Welding.

ID Bore Welding

Lifting Arms.

Lifting Arms

Pivot Shafts.

Pivot Shafts

Tilt Levers.

Tilt Levers

Pin & Boss Fabrication.

Pin & Boss Fabrication

Machine Shop Tooling List:

  • Haas ST-35 CNC lathe
  • Acra lathe- 26” swing, 160” bed and a 6” spindle hole
  • Acra lathe- 18” swing, 120” bed
  • Sigma lathe- 31” swing, 120” bed
  • Tarnow lathe- 18” swing, 108” bed
  • Elliot Concord polishing lathe- 16” swing, 120” bed
  • Lincoln Electric DC 400 TIG & MIG welder
  • Rototec metalizing repair
  • Carlton radial arm drill press
  • Johnson Band Saw
  • (2) Bridgeport Vertical Mills





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