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Benefits of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair and Replacement

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We’ve all been there. You are getting ready to head out to a jobsite, or even worse, on the jobsite and your equipment has a leaking or inoperable hydraulic cylinder. What would have been a productive day on the job is now gone and you have the frustration of having to schedule a repair or find a replacement.

Hydraulics Express understands that frustration and wants to partner with you to minimize and prevent any issues with your hydraulic cylinders. There are two main considerations when considering how to best maintain your hydraulic cylinders – do you repair the cylinder, or do you replace it? Below we detail these options and what to expect when completed by Hydraulics Express.

Repairing the cylinder:

Repairing cylinders can be a cost effective solution instead of purchasing an entirely new cylinder. If the cylinder is leaking, this can often be repaired by replacing damaged or cracked seals and o-rings. These seals can weaken over the life of the cylinder and o-rings can be impacted by temperature or climate factors.

A common repair for leaking cylinders is referred to as a repack and reseal. In this repair, the cylinder is disassembled and the barrel is honed, the rod is polished and the seals are replaced. The cylinder in essentially remanufactured at this point and you should not experience any further issues.

Finally, a cylinder may also be leaking due to a damaged rod. If this is the case, the rod can be re-chromed, remanufactured or replaced with a new one.


Sometimes, the best course of action may be replacing your cylinder. Some applications, such as on a dump truck, the cylinders are designed to be disposable and replaced. Our expert team at Hydraulics Express are well-versed in the options available and can provide recommendations on what makes the most sense for your application.

Why Choose Hydraulics Express?

The Hydraulics Express team consists of experienced hydraulic technicians that are ready to partner with you to keep you up and running. Our climate-controlled facility includes contamination control systems to ensure nothing can impact your components or cylinders. We take great pride in our work and offer one year guarantees on most jobs.

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